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We are moving! From the 1st February 2024 our new address will be The Granary, Stoke Mill, Mill Road, Sharnbrook, MK44 1NN Close

Vehicle & Off-Highway Machinery Displays

Our vehicle & off-highway machinery displays represent a fusion of advanced visual interfaces and sophisticated programming functionalities, providing users with unparalleled versatility and customisation options.

These programmable displays are designed to adapt to a diverse array of applications, from industrial automation to specialised control systems, offering users the flexibility they need to tailor the interface according to specific requirements.

CoDeSys Programming Integration

Experience the synergy of advanced programmability with CoDeSys integration. Our off-highway machinery displays are not just visual interfaces; they empower users with the ability to delve into advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) functionalities. Unlock intricate control logic development for applications demanding a higher level of customisation.

Elevate your control systems and automation processes with displays that blend visual excellence and advanced programmability, opening new avenues for customisation and innovation.