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CAN-bus Converters

CAN bus converters ensure data exchange and interoperability of electronic control units (ECUs) operating on incompatible communication protocols.

CAN bus converters excel in translating data between various communication protocols, enabling different devices to communicate harmoniously. Whether it's converting between CAN and RS-232, RS-485, or other protocols, these converters ensure data compatibility.

ControlTech provides a range of CAN bus converters including:

  • CAN to RS-232
  • High-speed CAN bus (ISO 11898-2) to a Low-speed CAN bus (ISO 11898-3)
  • RevPi to CAN bus
  • High-speed CAN bus (ISO 11898-2) to a Single-wire CAN bus (SAE J2411)
  • RevPi to 169MHz Wireless M-Bus

CAN bus converters flexibility, protocol translation capabilities, and robust design make them essential tools for ensuring the interoperability of diverse devices and systems within the CAN bus ecosystem and achieving seamless communication in a variety of applications.