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Slight product delivery delays possible
We are currently experiencing slight delays on incoming goods at the UK border. We are working with our suppliers and logistic partners to mitigate any issue, but please be aware that lead times may be extended.  If you have an...
Press Release: PCAN-Explorer Update 6.4.0

PEAK-System Technik has released a new update for their professional software, PCAN-Explorer 6, for working with CAN and CAN-FD Fieldbuses.

PCAN-Explorer 6 is an industry-leading software tool for the analysis, simulation and recording of CAN data, able to connect to several CAN and CAN FD buses at the same time. 

Press Release – Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH Partnership

Control Technologies UK Ltd has signed a partnership and distribution agreement with Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH.

Mark Wood, MD - ''We are in the unique position of having 30 years of combined experience working with STW and their products. The hardware that STW builds allow us to deliver intelligent machine control systems quickly and accurately...''

CODESYS Automation Service bring Industry 4.0 to your factory
Control Technology UK Ltd, as an approved CODESYS System Partner, is pleased to directly offer the CODESYS Automation Service. After a beta phase of six months, the CODESYS platform for Industry 4.0 goes into live operation, bringing IoT and remote support to factory automation. 100,000 users worldwide work with the IEC 61131-3 system CODESYS eco-system, implementing thousands of different applications.
CT-UK now an official CODESYS System Partner
Control Technologies UK Ltd is now an approved CODESYS System Partner. We've been designing Intelligent Systems, using the CODESYS ecosystem, for over a decade. Now we can offer full system development, technical support, user training and consultancy services for your business.
GEMAC CAN diagnostic tools now available
Control Technologies UK Ltd adds more great products to their portfolio of CAN diagnostic tools. GEMAC fieldbus units offer unrivalled diagnosis capabilities, allowing us to deep-dive into a client’s CAN architecture, identify issues and provide the most relevant solution. 
CSS CAN Data Loggers added to our product portfolio
Control Technologies UK is now the UK distribution and integration partner for CSS Electronics - the manufacturer of powerful, industry-leading CAN data logging equipment. A must-have solution for ultimate data-transparency, diagnostic capability and real-time wireless debugging for your next industrial, electric vehicle, motorsport or automation system.