We are very pleased to welcome our newest team member, Walter Stoltsz - part of our growing Applications Engineering team.

Walter graduated in 2018 from Nelson Mandela University, South Africa’s leading Automotive Engineering university holding both the GMSA Mechatronics Chair and VWSA-DAAD International Automotive Engineering Chair. Shortly after graduating with a first-class BEng (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering, Walter moved to the United Kingdom to further develop his career with a focus on Electric Vehicle technology.

As an Application Engineer at Control Technologies UK LTD, Walter specializes in the creation of custom control-system solutions, embedded-systems software and CAN-network designs. Mechatronics Engineering has equipped him a wealth of broad system design knowledge, as well as a fresh outlook on the many possible solutions to complex modern engineering challenges.

As a creative problem solver who strives to push the boundaries of innovation and development, Walter is driven to achieving the best possible custom solution for your project using the latest advancements in Engineering.