At Control Technologies UK, we design and deliver Intelligent Machine Control Solutions to the on and off-highway machinery markets. We do this based around our Intelligent Engineering Framework, a set of defined engineering processes and practices, built around industry leading tools such as Helix ALM and CODESYS. We also operate a strict quality control system to ensure that what we deliver works first time, every time. We are also in the process of securing ISO9001 certification. Using this framework we turn our customers concepts into reality with the following key solutions:

Application Life-cycle Management

V-shaped Development Model

Industry Leading Development Tools

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Hardware in Loop Testing

Compass dial representing intelligent control systems

Intelligent Control

Control Technologies UK are experts in the design, development and implementation of intelligent machine control solutions. We combine mechanical and electronic engineering with computer science to deliver end-to-end control systems. Using industry leading electronic control units (ECUs) with powerful processing capability, we make machines work. Most of our systems are built around CAN-bus, a technology that we have worked with for over a decade. We are however well placed to utilise other communications protocols such as Modbus TCP, Profinet, RS485 and many others.

We use recognised control techniques, such as PID, open and closed-loop feedback, linear and non-linear control theory. These techniques are delivered using industry leading software tools such as CODESYS and MATLAB/Simulink and robust testing methods such as hardware and software-in-the-loop (HiL and SiL).

Above all, we specialise in taking the most complex control requirements and turning them into a powerful, robust and cost-effective machine control solution.

Computer or laptop screen representing intelligent interfaces

Intelligent Interfaces

As well as machine control solutions, Control Technologies are specialists in delivering intuitive human machine interfaces (HMI). These interfaces provide end-users, service personnel and OEMs access to control functionality, system parametrisation and deeper diagnostics.

Control Technologies understand the human factors that go into using a machine and how it should be done. We work closely with our customers to determine the exact technical and commercial requirements for the HMI. This is the starting point for development, meaning that what our engineers deliver is exactly what is required to the budget that you have.

Whether you’re looking for a large touchscreen interface or a simple keypad, we work with the leading product manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, Deep Sea Electronics, CrossControl and Blink Marine. We can take your vision and turn it into a reality.

Graph image depicting as intelligent data and analytics

Intelligent Data and Analytics

Today’s modern machines generate vast volumes of data, whether it is control signals, operational parameters or low level diagnostics. For stakeholders, the ability to leverage this data is now a key commercial consideration, opening new revenue streams, reducing downtime and increasing machine efficiency.

At Control Technologies, we understand that data is a crucial part of any system design. Data drives control and interface decisions, extensive parameters enable deeper diagnostics and drive down operating and servicing costs. We use industry leading hardware, including Owasys, STW, Eaton or even Raspberry Pi, to capture the data from the machine, whether it is CAN-based, TCP/IP based or anything in between. These devices send the data up to a cloud-based server where it is then processed and presented to stakeholders in intuitive ways.

Control Technologies have many years’ experience delivering machine intelligence, from completely bespoke hardware and cloud solutions, through to data analytics and predictive diagnostics. Taking your requirements, we can make intelligent machines and data a reality.