BODAS modular architecture, reliability and flexibility

Control Technologies UK Ltd is a System Partner for Bosch Rexroth, with a specific focus on their Mobile Electronics range – BODAS. Control Technologies UK have considerable experience in deploying the BODAS hardware and software into the toughest environments across many different industries.

With BODAS, Control Technologies UK can provide a suitable and unique system which meets all requirements for the electronic control of mobile equipment.

BODAS Ecosystem

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Reliable and Flexible Devices

Creating Intelligent Machine Systems with BODAS Leading Components

In the development of mobile electronics components processes are applied that meet high standards. Industry standard safety norms are respected in the development of products that are used in safety-relevant applications. This allows our use of BODAS devices in applications with high safety requirements. BODAS products have a defined development process, evaluated by an independent body and certified accordingly for use across a wide range of industries.

Control Technologies can realise your application requirements using the full range of BODAS tools and products.